Cholesterol Diet Do’s And Don’ts

Nothing could be as better as dietary measures and life style changes to curb menace of high level of cholesterol. Improper dietary habits happen to be one of most common causes of excess deposition of bad cholesterol. So cholesterol diet should be adopted by all, who suspect mselves for high cholesterol.

By cholesterol diet I peculiarly mean a diet free of cholesterol. Once you gear up to strictly follow a cholesterol free diet, re exist very remote chances of developing high cholesterol or cardiovascular complications. Although getting accustomed to this diet often turns out to be an ordeal for many, you can make yourself habituated of it with a firm resolution to combat any possibility of high cholesterol. Benefit is yours. By doing so you would save your life from a sequence of diseases facilitated by excessive cholesterol.

Cholesterol dietary measure is meant for following purposes-

Ensuring a decrease in over all fat intake by completely banning consumption of saturated fat.
Reducing over all cholesterol intake to minimum, possibly by refraining people from consuming foods that bring surge in bad cholesterol.
Encouraging folks to consume more and more fiber foods.
Reducing intake of sodium to minimum possible.
Suggesting to eat carbohydrates of complex nature in plenty.
Curtailing over all calorie content of a day to get desired reduction in weight.

se dietary restrictions could be discussed in terms of common food items that we generally eat to survive. For example in order to make your diet completely fat free you are needed to stop taking milk and all milk products except for skimmed milk. Similarly you should keep yourself contended with poultry meat and strictly refrain yourself from consuming red meat that also include beef and pork. Even while using oils you need to be conscious of its fat content. Lipid rich oils must be avoided. You can rely on Canola and Olive oil.

You should try to look for good substitutes of fat foodstuff that you are accustomed to. For example, if you can’t live without butter you can replace it by margarine.

You can increase consumption of fish as it contains Omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce bad cholesterol. Potato and whole grains could be consumed in plenty as y don’t result in a surge in blood cholesterol.

Green vegetables and all or fiber products make an integral part of a cholesterol diet. Fibers are proved to be very effective in reducing bad cholesterol. You can also go for excessive fruit consumption, specifically for grape fruits.

Keep track of your calorie content and don’t let yourself consume more. Consider fast foods as your enemy and never try to devour foods that are delicious but could add to your saturated fat contents.

A consistent cholesterol diet can save you from coronary artery diseases by reducing bad cholesterol.