Dht Shampoo For Pre-mature Thinning And Hair Loss

DHT is leading cause of hair loss in men and a contributor to thinning in women. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is created by conversion of 5 alpha reductase enzymes from testosterone. Dihydrotestosterone restricts blood flow and nutrition delivery to follicles and reby acts to “strangle” follicle roots, bulb and cuticle – leading to shedding, loss and advanced thinning.

DHT shampoo is developed specifically to address pre-mature hair loss and thinning both in men and women. Often formulated with proven active ingredients such as Zinc PCA, Trichogen, or Minoxidil, se shampoos act as blockers and neutralize conversion of enzymes. Trichogen, in particular, is a combination (complex) of 14 natural and botanical extracts that have been shown to increase circulation, improve topical nutrition, and block DHT transition. Zinc PCA acts similarly to Trichogen for its blocking properties, but is also a powerful oil regulator – anor primary cause of thinning – especially in women.

A blocking shampoo provides a number of specific benefits for those losing ir hair or who are experiencing balding or pre-mature loss.

* Blocks and neutralizes testosterone conversion
* Stimulates growth and follicle development
* Regulates over-active sebaceous glands (oils)
* Slows, stops, or reverses balding, thinning, shedding

Temporary hair loss, “Diffuse”, results from several factors. While heredity is at top of list, stress, medication, and chemical treatments and harsh hair products can slow hair growth and restrict circulation. Poor scalp circulation reduces nutrition levels that promote and maintain healthy growth. Additionally, excessive oil, dirt, and product build-up can clog follicle pores harboring infection, reducing follicle respiration, and accelerating scalp and hair problems – scalp psoriasis, alopecia, and dermatitis.

A DHT shampoo is often developed with Zinc PCA to tackle two problems at once. Zinc PCA blocks and neutralizes Dihydrotestosterone and is one of most effective active ingredients for regulating and controlling sebum (scalp oil). Excessive sebum can trap bacteria leading to shedding, hair fall and alopecia (loss).

Shampoos (and conditioners) with Zinc provide deep-cleaning action, while irrigating follicles of trapped dirt and oil and stopping loss from enzyme conversion.

most effective DHT shampoo for hair loss and pre-mature thinning in both men and women combines botanical extracts for gentle cleansing with Zinc PCA to neutralize conversion and stimulate natural growth.