Eat Your Way Slim By Losing Weight With Fat Burning Foods

In order to lose weight you have to eat less than your maintenance amount (daily calorie allowance) or burn off calories via exercise, resulting in a calorie deficit.

Fat burning foods are good for this as y are simply a foodstuff that assists in weight loss by naturally speeding up your metabolism and burning calories, refore causing you to burn fat faster than diet or exercise alone.

Seven components of a weight loss diet are as follows;


Protein can aid fat loss in following ways; protein has a high rmatic effect which means digesting it raises your bodies core slightly, reby burning off more calories, as well as using more energy. Also, protein helps build muscle, and more muscle you have; more calories you burn in day to day life, because muscle needs energy to exist. Finally, your body can’t store protein, as it’s water soluble, so any excess just passes out into urine instead of turning to fat.

For example, any lean cuts of meat, white meat, eggs & egg whites, fish, any raw nuts, quorn (vegetarian), protein shakes etc.

Negative calorie foods

Part of your diet should consist of negative calorie foods’, se basically burn more calories to digest than ir nutritional value. When eating se foods, you use more calories in producing energy for digestion n you are taking in, results being that you burn fat. aim of se foods is not to fill your diet with m, as y do not contain all essential nutrients that your body needs, but should be used as part of your diet plan to minimise hunger without increasing your caloric intake.

For example, citrus fruits, soybeans, apples, berries, fresh fruit, vegetables, garlic oil.

Low Fat Dairy Products

Calcium acts as a fat burner by increasing breakdown of fat in fat cells. Dairy products such as low fat cheese and milk are also excellent for burning fat as y contain casein which is a hunger suppressant. Eggs are also a key dairy ingredient as y contain vitamin B12 which aids breakdown of fat, as well as being high in protein. As eggs yolks are high in cholesterol, y can be removed and you still get nutritious benefits from egg whites.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates increase metabolism simply by keeping your insulin levels low and so your body doesn’t go into fat storage mode’. se foods make you feel fuller for longer as y take a while for body to digest. Oatmeal is one of most popular weight burning complex carbs as it also helps to lower your cholesterol levels as it is full of soluble fibre and so clears your system of bad digestive acids. worst thing to do would be to eliminate all carbohydrates from your diet because truth is, we need m. key is to eat only whole grain foods as se are good for you as y haven’t been processed and stripped of ir nutritional value.

An example of good carbohydrates are oatmeal, bran, wholegrain bread, brown pasta, wholegrain cereals, porridge oats, muesli.


Any meals that contains capsicum like chillies or cayenne peppers will help to burn fat as capsicum is a rmogenic food’ and so increases metabolism and continues to burn calories after eating m.


Caffeine, like spicy foods, makes your body burn more calories by speeding up your heart rate. It also increases brain activity and physical performance during your work outs. Green tea helps with weight loss as it contains EGCG which causes nervous system to run more quickly, resulting in burning more calories.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is classed as a good fat’ as it is full of vitamin E and antioxidants. It is known to increase activity of uncoupling proteins’ which decide wher body burns excess calories or stores m. This monounsaturated fatty oil has many health benefits including preventing heart disease, colon cancer and helps control cholesterol.