Intragen Hair Loss Treatment From Revlon – Product Review

Our customers have been telling us great things about Revlons Intragen 5 anti hair loss patches. More than 80% of those who have used Intragen patches have noticed positive results*. Revlon Professional Interactives hair loss treatment preserves hairs life and increases hairs density. Revlon Intragen 5 is a highly effective anti-hair loss teatment with a multi-functional complex which directly acts on each of main causes of hair loss.

Revlon Intragen 5 anti hair loss patch kit is a highly effective treatment.
Hair loss isn’t due to one single cause, but to multiple factors with different origins: seasonal, hereditary, hormonal disorders, stress etc.

Revlon’s new Intragen 5 patches preserves hair life and increases hair density. a highly effective treatment.
Research laboratories have confirmed five main reasons for altering hair growths cycle:

Testosterone in bulb
Follicle cells ageing
Peripheral microcirculation reduction
Cell proliferation and
Excess of sebum in scalp
Intragen 5 by Revlon professional will concentrate on se areas by a using a simple to apply patch which should be placed on clean dry skin near upper back region.

worldwide innovation; multi-active patch Naturally blocks hormonal agent, protects capillary cells from premature ageing, stimulates oxygenation and cellular nutrition, increases production of new cells and reduces excess sebum in scalp. patches are act from within, strengning hair follicles and tests have shown 75% more hair density and 72% stronger hair. In fact over 80% of those who tested product noticed positive results*.
Over a 24 hours patch will slowly release active ingredients of Intragen 5 complex into deepest layers of skin making it fast, practical and no need for massage.


Easy to apply, kit of 30 patches
Multi functional complex acts on problem areas
Blocks 5 alpha reductase enzyme which causes hair loss
Neautralises free radicals protecting hair follicle
Stimulates blood microcirculation
Increases number of Keratinocytes which promotes stronger growth
Reduces scalp sebum level
Clinical tests conducted over 6 months proved Intragen 5 worked
Enough treatment for 30 days use
Highly effective treatment

*satisfaction test of 290 men and women in Europe
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