Benefits of a College Education


The importance of obtaining a college education can’t be understated. In an uncertain economy, having a college degree is a substantial step towards ensuring better job security and a better overall salary. However, it’s economic problems that make it difficult for some to entertain ideas about a college career. The good news is that there are many ways people can go about gaining a college education.

The reasons for taking the big leap and going to college are for both personal growth as well as financial independence. A college degree is a big self-esteem boost, and the career options that open up are many times more than those for people without degrees. Being able to earn a good living and support oneself and ones family in an enjoyable career is what earning a college degree can do.

Many people see financial issues as reasons not to go to school. While it’s true that four-year universities can be expensive, there are many options available that help to lessen the financial burden. Student loans are available and scholarships are given out by most schools. Not only that but many colleges offer comprehensive financial aid to those who qualify. City colleges are also inexpensive options for those who want to begin a college career. Either way there are a number of different kinds of colleges that fit into many budgets.

Family and work are other reasons many people feel they can’t enroll in college. People who work and have kids understandably don’t have much extra time on their hands. But a full-time college course isn’t the only option out there. Many schools offer night and weekend classes which are ideal for people who work and/or have children. There are also many online universities that people can enroll in, and take courses right from the privacy of their own homes.

Another perceived impediment many people face is going back to school at an older age. Age shouldn’t be a factor when considering going to college. It may be a cliche, but it’s the truth: it’s never too late to go back to school. Gaining an education and, subsequently, a rewarding career isn’t something exclusively for the young. Improving one’s life and overall happiness is something everyone can achieve.

Four-year universities are not the only options either. Those who don’t have the time to make such a lengthy commitment can opt for a two year college program, which will yield an associates degree. For many, an associates degree is the first part of obtaining a four-year degree. However, an associates degree opens up many exciting and high-paying job opportunities.

Associates degrees are offered in a number of fields. Students who are interested in this particular degree program can enroll in a nursing certification, business courses, criminal justice or accounting classes, just to name a few. Students with an associates degree in nursing, for example can expect to earn over 60,000 dollars a year to start.

Salary ranges for college graduates varies depending on the particular career path. that being said, it’s well documented that people with a college degree earn significantly more than those without one. Statistics show that those with only a high school diploma, on average, earn just over 27,000 dollars per year. Conversely, those with college diplomas average just over 51,000 dollars per year.

So the benefits of going to college are clear. And in today’s modern world college has never been more accessible. Those considering taking the big step can be confident in the knowledge that going back to school will open up many doors and lead to a better life.


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