Mold a Degree From Thousands of Free College Courses


Shagging a college degree using a home school approach seems an impossible dream after high school. When home school kids become college eligible they have to enter the institutional environment of so-called traditional colleges to acquire a degree. However, things have changed. Traditional college and even online colleges are no longer the only alternative paths to a college or graduate degree. College bound students and adults reentering college to improve job skills can now pound out a reasonable homes school approach to their college education.

Exploding communications technology and the generous contributions from colleges and universities to the reservoir of courses available to the public for free is making it possible. We are now able to patch together our own college degree programs. We can do it on our own without an academic counselor, institution, or a bureaucrat telling us what we can or cannot do in seeking higher academic pursuits. This 21st century phenomenal opportunity is available to us whether or not we have earned our high school wings through home schooling or traditional means.

If we can teach and mentor our kids through home school K-12 curriculum if we choose in all 50 states, why can’t we do that for our kids and ourselves when it comes to college? Why can’t we acquire credit for our home schooled self-taught university courses from 100% accredited colleges and be awarded a degree – all for little or no cost? Can we, in fact, promote a college degree and follow up with a graduate degree? Yes, we can.

The self-designed home school college program can target fields from Astronomy to Zoology and more. Just by documenting practical experience and writing down what we know, what we do, and how we do it demonstrates what has been learned along the way. Taking any one of the growing list of free college courses with everything available at no immediate cost opens a treasure chest of opportunity. This combination will stand shoulder to shoulder with any traditional college grad, who enrolled in the college offering the free course and paid for the credit. The courses offered are complete in every way except for providing the college credit because the courses are offered free.

Degree program modules come from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Penn State, Michigan State and dozens of other well-known prestigious schools that offer the courses free to the public. Some of the finest experts in their respective fields of study teach these that are offered free by their universities.

Are there accredited schools in the world that will take our bundled free courses and accredit them for us? There are 17,000 universities around the globe that are accredited in one official jurisdiction or another. Surely there are more than a few that will accommodate the new paradigm of a home school college degree. There is indeed a university out there that will give college credit for completed work regardless of the source so long as it is officially recognized as legitimate learning. The free college courses are all found with a brief concentrated search online to identify the courses to design and fulfill a complete degree program.


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