Preparing Yourself for University Life


If you plan to attend university, you will also need to make preparations for interviewing for a space. This is the most exciting and trying time of your exposure to university life. However, once you get past this point, you will feel more confident about your future plans and ambitions. That is why you need to make sure that you are both organised and prepared when it comes to this specific activity.

Obtain Expert Advice

Listen to the advice of experts. That way, you will not have to learn the hard way. Why should you jump through hoops when someone is guiding the way? By taking this type of stance, you can interview and apply to openings with renewed self-esteem.

Just remember that not every university will be interested. In fact, you may have to opt for a spot that you were not expecting to fill. However, just take things in stride and prepare yourself for the upcoming task at hand and you will feel good about the results.

Needless to say, level results day can be a stressful time, particularly if you find yourself a part of Clearing 2018 and had not expected it. You will be entered, however, if you applied to university after 30 June 2018 and you were not made offers by other universities. Also, you will be entered if you have not applied yet for university or you could not meet the conditions set by universities.

If you were not previously prepared for the task, you will be now. Professionals advise that you should remain calm and behave politely when contacting or calling universities during Clearing. Most Clearing venues will be full on results day, which is 16 August 2018, or they will become full within the week. Therefore, it is imperative that you are both organised and prepared. Make sure that everything is ready prior to collecting any results.

Calm Your Nervousness

Even if you are unsure that you will not receive the results you required, organising yourself cannot hurt. At least, it will give you a breather and assist in calming your nerves. Before you make any contacts, for instance, you need to make sure that you have your Clearing number before you. You can find this number on the UCAS track page. Also make sure that you have your exam results and personal statement in front of you. Carry a pen and paper and have them ready in case you need to scribble down anything important.

When calling a university, you need to introduce yourself and politely give your number. You should never involve your parents in this task. Instead, make it your entire responsibility. Talk to the person on the other line in the same fashion as you would like to be talked to if you were in his or her shoes.

During your conversation, have some questions prepared about the university. You want to ask about the open day dates and the allocation of the first-year accommodations. Also, make sure that you have a listing of reasons why you want to go to the university that you are contacting.


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