Tips on Sourcing Good Day Care


If you are a career woman who has just enjoyed maternity leave and the time is fast approaching when you can return to your work, your thoughts will turn to available day care. Finding a child-centered nursery in Manchester might seem like a tall order, yet with a Google search, you have a list of websites to view.

Parent Testimonials

When browsing potential day care centre websites, look for parent testimonials, as this is a strong indication of what to expect. If the website shows signs of hands-on activities that stimulate young minds, make an appointment for a visit, and make sure you go when the kids are present.


The best day care centres would incorporate the following:

  • Indoor soft room
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Secure access
  • Range of learning environments, inside and out.
  • Rigid Health & Hygiene Practices

The Staff

A typical day care centre would have a combination of trainee carers, who have not long finished their degree in teaching young children and are looking to gain some guided early learning, along with a few veterans, who create the curriculum and together with the trainee, they take their group through a range of activities. There would be 3 or 4 carers with a group of 10-12 children, and each would be encouraged to interact with the many toys and games on offer, and with a schedule of sorts, your child will be able to broaden their horizons in a safe environment.

If the visit works out and the kids enjoyed it, then you can safely say your child is going into the right environment, and you can introduce him or her to a new world, while you play career catch up.


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